Who Are We?

It only takes one telephone call to anyone on our team to give you a feeling of security and confidence that you are speaking to the best of the best in the field of landlord/tenant, foreclosure law and other real estate matters.  All members of our team have been chosen carefully.  Their longevity with the firm is a testament to their qualifications and dedication.   We like what we do and we pledge to give you superlative service and assistance to make your experience with us pleasant, positive and efficient. Now meet our team:

Leanne F. Meyers:

Leanne F. Meyers is our legal assistant for eviction matters and will direct you where you need to go within the law firm.

Keith Ringelspaugh PA has been representing Landlords and Lenders in matters of Landlord/Tenant Eviction Law and Mortgage Foreclosure Law for over 35 years.!

Real Estate Law

Keith Ringelspaugh is one of only a few Florida attorneys who has earned a Board Certification in Real Estate Law.

Board Certification in Real Estate Law

Keith Ringelspaugh handles real estate, probate, estate and trust law making it convenient and economical to have one attorney who can perform all those functions!

Areas of Law